Inspiring Blog Award

Inspiring Blog AwardWow! I can’t believe it’s been 3 months and I have 3 awards! Well, on to the award to do list. Basically a thank you to the nominator, 7 facts about myself, and list 15 blogs that inspire you!

First, a HUGE Thank You to About the Pout! I love your blog too!!

Fun Facts:

1. I’m running out of “facts”… lol jk this doesn’t count

  1. I have a bow & arrows (and know how to use them). It’s a great hobby of mine.
  2. I was homeschooled for most of my life.
  3. I got my first baby doll when I was two years old, and still have her today.
  4. I am in love with everything Star Wars
  5. I used to live in Brockton, Mass before we moved down here when I was 5.
  6. Major emotions make me cry…if I’m really mad, I’ll cry. Really scared, I’ll cry. Etc.
  7. My family lived in Salem, Mass. when my mom was pregnant with me…they say that a witch’s spirit got into me…. I have yet to get my letter from Hogwarts though. 😦

Blogs that inspire me:

Beyond the Polish

Mae’s Beauty Reports



Between Fear And Love

Clouds N Cups Fimo Paradise


Thinking Is Write



Sparkle Girl’s Life

Lovely Beauty Tips

Taneja’s Bride






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